Monday, January 9, 2012

Isn't it ironic?

Ever wondered how muslim reverts are able turn their lives around?
Before they became muslims most of them (or some) had drank alcohol, ate pork, wore bikinis, had sex before marriage.. but howcome just after they become muslim, they are more of a muslim than us born muslims?
What is it that make them able to live a completely different life than what they have lived before?
Isn’t it ironic how some of us born muslims are commiting the things that these muslim reverts did BEFORE they became muslim?
So what’s the problem?
Simple. Iman.
Most of us muslims take our faith for granted, which is the saddest thing ever. That’s why we need to renew our Imaan each and every day, and try to NOT commit sinful acts as much as possible and always remind ourselves about Allah. Because what weakens our iman is our sins that blackens our hearts, and forgetting about Allah makes it much more worse. So the next time we pray, pray to Allah like we mean it :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twins Of Faith 2011

♥ Assalamualaikum wbt.. 

On 24th and 25th of December 2011, Alhamdulillah I went to the Mercy Mission's Twins Of Faith Conference with my two of my sisters. Subhanallah, those two days where one of the best days of my life.

All the speakers were amazing and gave wonderful talks that still affects me to this point. Alhamdulillah, I am still trying to implement all of their good words but I'm taking baby steps at it :p

Inshaa Allah I will be sharing the notes that I have taken by posting it on my blog. (Not all at once) (and don't expect much because I'm not very good at taking notes :p) (Not to mention the fact that it has been 11 days past the conference and it's getting a lil dusty up there in my brain :/)

Since I will be sharing my notes one post at a time, (and there will be gaps of a few days between each post) For now I will only introduce you to the awesome speakers and entertainers at the Twins Of Faith conference. Do check them out okay! Inshaa Allah may their words and thoughts be beneficial to you :)

1. Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

He gave a talk entitled 'Best of nation' which if I'm not mistaken was the first talk for the conference. In this talk he explained why the Muslims are ascribed by Allah SWT as the best of nations and what really makes us the best of nations. (From my point of view, the Muslim community don't really have the quality of the best of nations yet :/. Inshaa Allah I will dedicate a post about this talk) Below is one of his quotes that I jotted down in my notebook :)

♥ The moment you stop seeking the high, you fall. The moment we relax, we take it easy, we stumble 

2. Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

His talk was entitled 'The Building Blocks' which explains the role of family as the foundation of our Ummah to be the best of nations. He explains about the right that we should give to our children and other family related matters. There was a course entitled ' Home Sweet Home ' that was organized by Al-Kauthar Institute   where Sheikh Alaa Elsayed was the speaker on the 31st of Dec. Unfortunately I could not attend it. Another one of his talk was titled 'Beloved one' (I think) where he recalls about the sahabas of the prophets and share stories about them for us to reflect on ourselves. Below are some inspiring quotes from him :) 

  Action without knowledge cannot be and knowledge without action is insanity 
♥ What legacy will you leave behind? What will you will be known for after you die? A righteous person who raised righteous person? or the other way around? 
♥ The words that hurt is much worse than physical beating 
♥ Remember who you are. You are the best of nations 
♥ Before you say something to your children, if you can't help it, don't hurt 
♥ Don't think you're oppressed 
♥ You are a slave to Allah only, not to fashion 

3. Boona Mohammed 

Brother Boona Mohammed is a spoken word artist? I think... Below is a video of one of his performance during the TOF conference 


Me and my sisters attended a sisters only workshop presented by her called 'Challenges of Working Mum'. The workshop started by her showing a touching documentary of her journey to Islam. It was amazing.. My sisters and I looked at each other like, every 10 seconds because we were so amazed and bemused by her journey coming back to Islam. She shared her personal experiences with us as a working mother for us to reflect on. Here's a quote from her.

♥ I cannot buy happiness with money 

5. Bilal Philips

Dr. Bilal Philips gave a talk on 'Cultural Islam or Islamic Culture' where he explains about the difference between the culture of the Muslims and the Islamic Culture. It was a very very interesting talk. (Inshaa Allah I will share it in my words soon :) ) Here's a quote from him

♥ Islamic culture is the culture of the people who practice the Quran and Sunnah as it is understood by the first generation of the Quran 

6. Sheikh Hussain Yee

Sheikh Hussain Yee is a Malaysian. I've never heard of him before TOF. He gave a lecture entitled 'One Faith, One Family' (or was it Unity in Diversity? sorry... I got confused). His lecture was very heart warming and had genuinely moved me and changed my world view. Being a Muslim Revert himself, Sheikh Hussain Yee is the best speaker to touch on this topic that talks about our faith and how our faith should bring us together in unity. Below are some of his inspiring quotes.

♥ We can't accept there is another God 
♥ Don't look down to other people or to other races 
♥ If you are racist you will fail Islam 
♥ Everyone are friends 

7. Sheikh Navaid Aziz
Sheikh Navaid Aziz's style reminded me a lot of Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil . His talk that me and my sisters got the chance to join was titled 'Our Youth , The Foundation of an Exemplary Community' (or at least I think it was that one :p) I absolutely enjoyed his talk and the points that are given from him. Below are a few inspiring quotes from him :)

♥ Your passion is something that you are willing to do for free 
♥ Sunnah is the ultimate guide for success 
♥ Earn as much money as we can but don't spoil it on ourselves but spend it fi sabilillah (For the cause of Allah) 
♥ Keep good ties with your family 

8. Wardina Safiyyah 

Kak Wardina was the presenter for the sisters only workshop 'Struggling to be a Muslim Everyday'. The workshop was really nice and the way she gave the talk was as if she was talking to her friends. It was really casual and it was just really aweesooommmmeee <3 She also gave us each a mustard seed as a keepsake for us to remember that every little deed counts :) Alhamdulillah, compliments to Kak Dina for sharing your time with us despite the fact that you were not feeling very well. Here's a few quotes :)

♥ Allow people to go with their own pace 
♥ Do not despair. Allah will forgive you 
♥ Are we sincere in seeking forgiveness from Allah? 
 Let's all come back to the Quran 
♥ Why is it so hard to carry the Quran with you? 
9. Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury 

Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury is the founder of Mercy Mission. I personally think that he is a great living example for all of us. He gave several talks during the TOF conference. The ones that I attended was 'Allah in the heart, World in the Hands' and 'The Balanced Nation' (or at least I thought it was those two :p (I am such a loosa)). You know the drill, below are his quotes ;D

♥ Money as oxygen for Islam to grow 
♥ Islam needs money to expand 
♥ Are you worthy to be the best of nations? 
We should not fear those who are plotting plans to defeat us, but should fear that our sins will
♥ Help people that are in need, then Allah will help us 
♥ If you worship Allah, Allah will guide you 
♥ We need to be sincere in everything that we do 
♥ A Muslim is one who submit their will to Allah 
♥ Not to do what appears to be good but to do what IS good 
♥ Don't be lazy 
♥ Don't think, just because you are a Muslim, you're guaranteed to go to Jannah 
♥ We have yet make Allah happy with us. We have no guarantee that Allah is happy with us 

10. Muslim Belal

Muslim Belal sharing his amazing story in his own way :)

11. Abdullah Rolle

Beautiful nasheed sung by the beautiful voice of Abdullah Rolle (thinking of buying his album.. but I aint got no money.. anyone wanna belanja me? ;p)

12. Muadz Dzulkefly

I've listened to this song LOADS of times on Now I know who sings it. Powerful voice, agree?

Those are all the amazing people that I got to listen to and witness to. Subhanallah... TOF was just simply great. Even if they do this every month I would attend it :p Definitely looking forward for Twins of Faith 2012. Maybe this year I'll be a volunteer instead :) Inshaa Allah.

p/s: I also met a blogger friend, Yasmin (she was one of the volunteers for TOF) :) do check her blog out! I love reading her posts. Btw thanks for letting me know about TOF Yasmin :)

pp/s: Credits to Aiman Azlan for inspiring me to do the quote thingy. I got the idea from here.

Salaams everyone! :D