Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What we had

On my way home, the sky was filled with dark but still fluffy and gentle clouds. It was beautiful, like the sky always is :)

The sky depicts my emotion to a tee. It was sorrow but still beautiful. It was  a beautiful moment, really. But I still feel a little sad because we will never be this way again. and that was how He inspired me this poem for me to share with all of you.


The same route 
We went through day by day
For the purpose of which 
For all of us alike

The same clothes 
We put on everyday
Except for the days 
When we felt like birds
Soaring free across the sky

Over and over again
Together we went through
Powered by the will
Gained from the anticipation 
For the day to meet it's end

Today is the day
Where our routes begin to change

Tomorrow is when fate will part us
To separate ways

Let not this amity come to an end
Let not this memory be buried
Beneath the scraps of now

For what we had back then
Was a fragment of us
So special and so pure
Never will we go through no more

Let us lift our hands and hope 
We will gather again
With bonds stronger than what we had
In a place where sorrow is unknown
And happiness is all there is

Try and pray we shall
As so our final route 
Will be nothing
But eternal bliss

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tafseer of surah Yaseen verse 1-7

Assalamualaikum wbt... Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

My next and last paper will be on next tuesday :) I guess it's harmless to start being active again on my blog now. heheh I will not start to write anything up but only will be sharing some things that are worth the share InsyaAllah. So here is a Tafseer of surah Yaseen verse 1-7 by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. I highly recommend you to read tafseers by famous scholars regarding these verses before watching this, just to get a grip on what he is talking about. I assume a lot of people have some tafseers in their homes. But just in case you don't have them in your home, click here to read a tafseer by Ibn Katheer or here to download tafseers by Sayyid Qutb. (download volume 14 for tafseer of Surah Yaseen)