Thursday, December 19, 2013

How a vlog changed my life

This is the vlog that changed my life.


To be honest I don't even remember what they said in the video. I probably didn't even finish watching the whole video. I couldn't remember. I was 16 or 17 when I watched it. But this video is the asbaab of where I am now and the asbaab behind what I am doing now.

Before this video, I thought I was a rather religious person. I wore the hijab, I prayed, I read the Quran and do a bunch of stuff which made people label me as a 'practicing muslim'. But inside, I was really empty and I was Jaahil. I just follow everything blindly. It's called taaqlid; to be exact.   

Before I watched the video, I NEVER listen to Islamic lecture out of my own free will. The only times I listened to them was if my mum calls me to listen to them, or if the school invited someone to give an islamic talk. 

So I watched the vlog, and sister Nye recommended to listen to brother Nouman Ali Khan. And so I did. and that made me fall head over heels to the Quran. When I was 15, I read Imam Ghazali's Ihya' Ulumuddin, it was a summarized version, I was really influenced by it a lot and I used to think it was the greatest book in the whole wide world. When I watch Nouman Ali Khan's lectures, he always just have one book in his hand. The Quran. Before I was introduced to him, I would read the translation of the Quran, but I don't understand it at all. But when I watched his lectures, I realised that Ihya' Ulumuddin was derived from The Quran (and sunnah). (like of course right? when I look back I always say 'duhh' to myself. lol)  And then I got addicted to listening to him, I would play his lecture whenever possible. I'd listen to his lectures while I'm doing the dishes, or making cakes. I even downloaded his lectures to my phone. Then I started to listen to other lectures from other sheikhs and ustadhs. And I immediately got hooked. I really looked up to them. I felt like 'wow, my dream is to be like you guys. To have that level of understanding of Islam like all of these muslim speakers, to dedicate my life to Islam. To build a school or an institute or something'.

And that made me decide to study Islam. Before that I wanted to study english or graphic design. Starting from that single video from sister Nye and sister Rebecca (both are muslim reverts), Alhamdulillah, I am now in the path of studying Islam.

Now here is what I want to share with all of you. This seems like a very simple video. I didn't even watch it until the end. But it changed my life. What we can learn from here is to never hesitate to share anything good. Because you'll never know who'll gain the benefit from it.

You don't have to wait to give da'wah. Don't have to wait until you're perfect because you'll never be. It's perfectly okay for you, to invite people to good now. When people point your mistakes, those are actually blessings and that's one of the ways where you will improve yourself and become a better person In sha Allah. So don't be afraid to share anything good and never underestimate the power of inviting people to good. No matter how small it might seem. 

However, keep in mind that calling people to good MUST be simultaneous with seeking knowledge.  okie dokes folks?