Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Double Benefit. Quadriple, actually


Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post. I wanted to make loads of post. But I didn't because I thought, oh crap! I'm suppose to continue writing of mary janes and handsocks! But I didn't, so.. at the end of the day. I didn't make any post. *facepalming myself* .sigh. That's me, I always want to do everything and ended up doing nothing because I was so excited on doing everything. I shouldn't be so ambitious I guess.:/

OKAY! let's go to the main point!

Today, Me and my brothah was interviewed by Harian Metro. Why? Well, because of our awesomeness. They wanted to know what's our secret to our awesomenessity. JUUUUST kidding. But we really were interviewed though, not because we're awesome but! because we happen to be at IRM  charity shoppe bangi at the right time. They were covering for the charity shoppe I think, and they probably wanted a customer's point of view I suppose. I'll let y'all know If we got on paper :p.

That brings me to our topic today! Double benefit? What is double benefit? Double benefit is just a relevant title I come up with for this post. I wanted to tell you guys about IRM charity shoppe here in Bangi. Which brings us double benefit! YEAY!

Benefit number 1, We will get a reward from Allah (Thawaab/pahala) when someone buys the stuff that we gave out because the money will be used by IRM to help countries such as palestine, somalia, syria and so on and so forth.

Benefit number 2, we could get rid of our old stuff that we don't use anymore

Benefit number 3, When we buy something from the charity shoppe, all the money would go to charity. So again, we'll get a reward from Allah InsyaaAllah.

(Heck, that's triple benefit!)

Benefit number 4, You can get cheap awesome things AND not forgetting the money that you pay for those things will go to charity :D

(THAT'S Quadriple benefit!) :D

I know the concept of charity shoppe is nothing new, but, well, there are people out there who have never heard of a charity shoppe. (hence all the excitement)

Anyways, I just wanted to share with all of you ladies some stuff you might be interested in that I just gave out today. Perhaps you might want to buy it. :)

I gave out a pair of my taupe mary jane wedges from forever 21. (exactly like the pic below) I don't know what price they're gonna put. But i think it'll be no more than RM25. I think. The condition is not as perfect as in the picture. But it's still in real good condition. I would give it a 7.98 out of ten.. or maybe an 8.1/10. or a 9? I don't know! I've worn it twice I think. You see, the thing is, me and heels, aren't really the best of friends. In fact I don't think I will ever be friends with heels ever again. But if you're in good terms with high heels,then you might want this. Because it is prettayyy. hahah The size is 40. or 39. or 41. I can't remember. The original price was RM111.90 or something. But I got it on sale, so I paid it for RM40 only :D

Another item that I dropped at the shop that I think people might be interested in is this dress below. I got it from for around RM60 or something. 17USD? I think. It was on sale as well, haha the original price was pretty expensive. The brand is Oasis, size, UK14. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. But I never wore it because apparently the cut is made for taller ladies. hahah so it looked really weird on me because the waist part of the dress goes to my hips. And none of my sisters look good in it either, because of our asian genes. But if your height is over 160cm, I think you'll look good in it. regardless of you being skinny or chubby. The hand is see through though, so wear something inside aite? klu x nanti seksi meksi

Other things that I gave out are clothes and bags and some stuff. Do go there! There's a lot of awesome stuff. I got myself a blouse, a pair of clip earrings, a square hijab and a curling iron all for RM24 only. The blouse and the curling iron was RM8 each, the square hijab was RM3 and the clip earrings were RM5 only. and they're really pretty. I can't pierce my ears so I've been looking all over for clip earrings. I was so happy to get them. hihi

Here's some pics of the charity shoppe ^^

There's a lot of great titles and even brand new books!

Vintage bags from RM5 :D

my 8 ringgit blouse

Hope you can find it easily :D

What are you waiting for? Go and gather up the things to give out to the charity shoppe!

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