Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hearing with my eyes

Okay, I know I said I won't be coming here until December 13th. BUT! on monday I went to this place called sungai buah. My mum had a piece of lot there and we went to clean it up. The place is very beautiful. There is this beautiful lake and I just love how peaceful it is over there. The place is so great that it inspired me to write a poem. Since I scribbled it in an old math book, I decided to type it before it get's buried in some.. place.. in my home. And since I've type it out. I might as well copy and paste it to my blog so that other people can read it! :D And here it is,


Like a giant mirror
The water reflects the sky

Like a perfect equation
The ripples move
On it’s calculated course
Leaving tranquil
To the heart of the observer

Like a painter’s palette
The flowers blossom
With their own distinct colours
Blooming ever gloriously
After the rain

Like a dancer
The tall grasses sway
As the breeze wrap them
In it’s delicate care

Like a beautiful choir
The birds flew in harmony
Mesmerizing every being
That it soared over

As the ombre in the sky gets deeper
And the moon peeked at the door
Waiting to come over

The lightning flash across the sky
Making my heart shudder
With awe and appall
Of the luminosity it gave
And the fierce sound it made

And there I stood with me and my conscious
Hearing with my eyes
To their every word
In the rhythm of piety
That they are singing to

Mentioning Your name
In every line of the melody
A melody so close and familiar
That I could not help but to sing along too

Hope you enjoyed the poem :) Be back in December! InsyaAllah.. (Let's hope this time it's for real :p )


  1. The poem you wrote is very nice indeed~

  2. Kakaaaaaakk, it's so beautiful :')

    All the best for your SPM! Long time no see, me miss you already <3 heee

  3. Ice Maiden, Thank you :) Alhamdulillah..

    Sa, Thank youww ;D Thanks sa! tu lah pasal! nanti klu kelas korg buat gathering akak nak menyebok hehehehe pastu kite boleh hangout same2 :p